our team

Technobug team consists of four energetic founders. 


Niina Huikuri

Engineer, Environmental technology
Leads an insect mass production preliminary study project, which ends in November 2017. Has good know how from insect breeding methods and current technology solutions, economic figures, business models and networks. Has nine years experience in bio and circular economy field solutions, businesses and development projects leading

Quality Manager

Sanni Sjöblom

M.Sc, Environmental Technology.
Seven years of experience in scientific research in environmental field. Is experienced in industrial processes planning and design, process optimization, side stream management and utilization, environmental and building codes permitting procedures.

Sales and Marketing

Minna Oinonen

M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration
Experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Hands on business developer, digital marketer and solution seller.


Jussi Sallinen

M.Sc in Administration.
A farmer entrepreneur and chief financial officer for the City of Nurmes. He has strong work background from third sector organizations and he has also worked in the Finnish Parliament. As former member in both University of Eastern Finland executive board and North Karelia Municipal Education and Training consortium he has wide networks among local and national education organizations.

Member of the Board

Satu Koskinen

Investor and entrepreneur.