Have you ever thought insects are one of the oldest nutrition sources? Neither had we, but when we read and learned more, we got really excited. 

Cricket, and no, we are not talking about the world famous ball game, but the little grasshopper lookalike insect is actually very nutricious, albeit eating it might feel a bit strange at first. We know, we’ve felt that too. Go and try crunchy, mild tasting and protein rich dried cricket straight from the frying pan, cricket flour bread, cricket chocolate or add cricket granola to your breakfast yoghourt. There are several tasty options available and variety is widening all the time.

We want to give people another healthy source of protein. Technobug’s farming solution will ensure this environment friendly protein source will become an affordable food ingredient to all consumers.

If you are interested in becoming a farmer or already are one, please contact us as we are sure we can help you.

Our technology


Watering, feeding, cleaning and waste management.


Control system ensures an optimal growing environment.


Clean and homogeneous product .


Saves energy consumption, space and specially human labor.